Saturday, May 22, 2010

San Diego

I have been in San Diego since Wednesday to shoot a wedding. I've been here once before, but it's completely different being here for work, not pleasure! The venue where the wedding takes place used to be the property of Leo Carillo who was an actor from the 40s. His ranch is now open to the public. What makes it particularly unique is all of the peacocks who live on the property. There are probably at least 100 who occupy the lands. Everywhere you go there are peacocks. It also happens to be mating season, so all you hear is their loud pitched "HeeeellllPPPP" noise that they make and lot of feather fluffing to get the attention of the lady peacocks. It makes for an interesting dynamic.


Unknown said...

Sounds like love is in the air!

elh said...

Hi Tess. This is Steph's friend Erica. I love, love, love the photo of the peacock against the white building. Do you sell your photographs If so, how much would a 5x7 print cost?